Auto Diagnostics in Peoria, AZ

Auto Diagnostics in Peoria, AZ and Surrounding Communities

Auto Diagnostics in Peoria, AZThe first step in repairing a car is properly identifying what is wrong with it. At Steveo's Garage we have invested in state of the art equipment that allows us to quickly pinpoint the source of trouble in today's technologically advanced vehicles. These tools, along with our years of on the job experience, ensure your vehicle will have its problems fixed properly the first time. If you encounter any signs of car trouble, give us a call to schedule quality auto diagnostics in Peoria or the surrounding communities.

Computerized Automotive Diagnostics

We utilize the latest automotive scan tools that allow our team to service all common makes and models of cars, including the newest vehicles on the road. These items are an investment into our customers' satisfaction, as these tools are necessary to perform proper car repairs in a timely, safe and affordable manner. Our crew of expert car mechanics in Peoria will get you back on the road quickly.

Check Engine Light Repair

If your vehicle's check engine light comes on, be sure to visit us for check engine light repair in Peoria as soon as possible. In most cases, this light is an indication of a small problem, such as a worn sensor or even a loose gas cap. Left unchecked, however, this problem can grow into something much worse, like a failed catalytic converter. We can accurately inform you of the issue, and get it fixed fast!

Dashboard Warning Lights

Dashboard Warning LightsAside from the check engine light, your car has a number of other dashboard indicator lights. These include the TPMS light, which monitors air pressure in the tires, the ALT light, which is associated with the health of the alternator, and the engine temperature light, among many others. If any dash warning light comes on, we can run diagnostics to determine what issue is occurring, and then upon your approval, correctly repair it.

Common Signs of Car Trouble

While indicator lights are a common sign of issues, there are many other ways that car trouble could present itself, including the following. Don't hesitate to visit or call to request an estimate for auto repair prices in Peoria.

  • Odd Car Sounds - Strange noises are a common sign of car trouble. Among the most prevalent of troublesome sounds are squealing brakes or a grinding transmission.
  • Weird Car Smells - Should you ever catch a whiff of something odd while driving your car, head to our shop. Odors you may encounter include a sweet smell, caused by a coolant leak, or a dirty laundry smell, which may mean mold is growing in your AC vents.
  • Car Vibrations - If your car shakes or vibrates, it's important to visit us, as your safety may be at risk. A vibrating steering wheel may mean it is time for a wheel alignment, while a shaky brake pedal is an indicator of warped rotors.
  • Car Fluid Leaks - Fluid leaks must be immediately addressed, as low fluid levels can result in engine trouble, transmission problems, overheating and more. At the first drip, schedule service with Steveo's Garage.

As a full service car mechanic shop in Peoria, we truly fix it all. If you encounter any sign of car trouble, don't hesitate to make an appointment with Steveo's Garage, or contact us for a car repair estimate. We will work quickly and effectively to get you back on the road in a safe and reliable vehicle. Call (602) 641-3840 to speak with a team member who would be happy to schedule your mechanic service.

"Very reasonable prices with great customer service I love bringing my care to Steveo's Garage."

"I worked as a mechanic for a lot of years, I can honestly say this young man goes up and beyond at his shop, I love his honesty and his interaction with his customers. I've used his services more than once, and I keep returning. His workmanship is top notch and second to none!"

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